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There is a place beyond the mind, beyond motion, beyond what you think you know. It is a warm light, luminous and shimmering at the edge of your awareness; soft and deep and peaceful and full of potential. In it you are radiant and grace-filled, vibrantly and sensually alive, aligned with your deepest truth –
the fullest expression of everything you are.
This place is freedom, grace, magic; home.

Rising rooted

We are taught to look outside ourselves for permission, validation, connection, guidance and so much more. We’re seldom guided to look within or to cultivate and harness the inherent skills and powers that we hold. Inner work can seem daunting, useless, or self-centred when in reality it’s the most potent gateway to full freedom.

Just like a tree needs to root deeply in order to stand tall and expand widely, this course is an invitation to go inwards in order to expand outwards. To experience our full potential and the vast possibilities of our lives we must cultivate:

 The quiet whisper of our intuition
 The vibrant potency of our bodies
 The unique expression of our voice
 The inherent inner stillness
 The vivid language of our senses
 The imaginative power of our mind

Who this is for

✓ You long to get to know yourself on a deep level

✓ You’re looking for tools to help you step fully into your personal power

✓ You want to feel light, bold, free and alive

✓ You want to connect with and embrace your female body

✓ You long to experience belonging and a deeper compassion towards yourself

✓ You’re looking to connect deeply to your body, your power, your voice

✓ You want boundaries that serve you and your relationships

✓ You’re ready for a new level of self-expression

✓ You want to go deep to be able to open wide


This is a guided journey through emotional clearing, sensual rooting and freedom of expression that will leave you deeply grounded in your personal power, connected to your intuition, your sensuality and your energy cycles. You’ll know how to access your inner well of stillness, how to hold empowering boundaries, how to nurture your creativity, and how to tap into courage to express yourself fully.

By the end of this 12-week course, you will have a greater awareness of who you are, how you function at a subtle level and how to show up in your life connected to your personal power, values and visions. You will have explored the power of connecting to self and body and have acquired tools that you can continuously use to experience a whole and centered way of being, leading to a life full of pleasure, freedom and possibilities.

You will have a clear map for how to:

✓ Enhance your awareness
✓ Work with emotions
✓ Listen to your intuition
✓ Connect to your body and senses
✓ Cultivate self-love and a sense of belonging
✓ Explore your sensuality and feminine power
✓ Call on the erotic creative life force
✓ Balance being with doing
✓ Get in touch with your own voice
✓ Set boundaries and speak your truth
✓ Harness the feminine energy cycle
✓ Express yourself creatively and authentically

“The enormous connection and amazing energies of Luise and Steph create a circle of love that has changed my life in a couple of days. It is a safe space where I felt loved, cared, supported and respected. I most of all felt myself being my true self, wildly free and full of feminine power. I can’t wait for the next one, and I recommend it to all women who are willing to connect deeper with themselves and what they truly are: bright light and love.”

– Maria Quesada, 2018 Stillness & Sensuality retreat participant

MODULE 1: Awaken

In module 1 we lay the foundation by cultivating awareness using mindfulness techniques, exploring breathwork and identifying needs. We start a healing process by touching on trauma and practicing emotional processing. 

We engage with the body in a loving and caring way enabling further healing of ancestral traumas and bringing any kind of shame and guilt to the surface. We end the module by shifting our relationship to fear, cultivating self-love and exploring our sense of belonging.

MODULE 2: Root

In module 2 we dive into the wisdom of the body and cultivate our intuition, strengthening our connection to our inner voice and to our higher self. We open the senses and learn all the ways we can connect to play, creativity and enchantment in life. We dive deep into our sensuality and the way we can experience pleasure through the body. 

We cultivate the inherent feminine erotic energy that is so vital to our fullest radiant expression. We end the module by connecting to both our feminine and masculine power and we learn how to cultivate a balance between the two in a way that serves us best.

MODULE 3: Bloom

In module 3 we start by exploring our own authentic voice, releasing our blockages and looking at the subtle ways we diminish ourselves through language. We practice speaking our truth and empowering our voice. We look at the challenges that appear as soon as we relate to others and we practice staying in our core while being in relationship.

We learn to take inspired action and use our personal power to cultivate a creative life – both in work and play. We end by connecting with our own personal values and purpose and using them as a foundation for our unique personal creative expression.

How it works

The course begins on January 15th 2019 and runs until April 15th.

The course content will be delivered online on a private membership site and will come in the form of guided audios, workbooks and videos.

We begin with a welcome call on the 15th of January and then connect on a group call every second Tuesday at 7 pm CET from then on (calls last 90 minutes and are via Zoom).

You will be partnered with one of the other participants so that you can support each other in exploring the materials and we’ll have a private Facebook group to stay connected in.

Welcome call: 15th of January

Module 1: 29th of January + 12th of February

Module 2: 26th of February + 12th of March

Module 3: 26th of March + 9th of April

Closing call: 14th of April

“One of the first things I wanted to do when I got home from this wonderful retreat was to tell all the women in my life that they MUST experience this for themselves. The space, energy and feeling of warmth and safety that Steph and Luise created for us in Spain was nothing short of magical. To be able to share your deepest fears, thoughts, wounds with gorgeous, strong women and to receive nothing but love and support in return was so special. To be able to support and love these women like you know they deserve, although they cannot always see it (just like all of us) was even more special. I will forever cherish those few days in Spain and hold these women in a special place in my heart.

– Amandine Ayala, 2018 Stillness & Sensuality retreat participant

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 
Deepening awareness

Learning mindfulness practices and breathing exercises. Exploring how to connect to your inner core and listen to personal needs and desires.

Lesson 2
Inner healing

Working with emotional processing. Learning to practice inner child mothering and engage in shadow work. Healing of pain points, unveiling shame.

Lesson 3
Your body

Relating to your body with love and kindness, working with judgements. Exploring your relationship to your pelvis and womb space.

Lesson 4
Worthiness and belonging

Exploring and releasing fears and learning to shift the relationship to fear. Techniques to experience self-love, worthiness and belonging.

Lesson 5
Inner wisdom

Discovering your personal language of intuition, how it manifests in you and how you listen. Connecting to inspiration and what you can channel.

Lesson 6
Opening senses to play and joy

Learning to connect to the senses, to play, creativity and enchantment. Claiming permission for pleasure, joy and nourishment.

Lesson 7
Sensual and creative energy

Exploration of pleasure through the body. Deepening the connection to inherent female erotic energy, accessing the female creative force.

Lesson 8
Understanding power

Understanding feminine and masculine power, how they manifest. Why we need both and how to cultivate and balance them.

Lesson 9
Authentic voice

Exploring your authentic voice and releasing blockages. Working with empowered language in order to speak your truth.

Lesson 10
Relational communication

Learning about setting healthy boundaries and owning needs. Cultivating assertiveness and releasing the “nice girl”/people-pleaser habit.

Lesson 11
Energy cycle for creative living

Learning to balance being and doing, and feminine energy cycle. Working with intentions and how to bring forth inspired action.

Lesson 12
Value-based self-expression

Connecting to personal values, expressing yourself authentically. Understanding purpose and how to channel your gifts.

Ready to join us?

We want this content to be accessible to everyone, which is why we’ve kept the price low. Places are limited to 16 women so that we have an intimate container in which to do this work together. You’ll be getting a ton of content plus a tribe of like-minded sisters on the same path. Any questions, email us.

Sign up before December 15th and receive a free 1:1 coaching call (value €90).


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All regular access + a 1:1 call each module (value €745)


VIP ticket

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3-month payment plan available (amount paid in three instalments).

What’s included

✓ All workbooks, audios and videos

✓ 8 live group calls

✓ Access to the Stillness & Sensuality Facebook group

✓ Weekly Q&A in Facebook group

✓ Exclusive resource list

✓ 3-month follow-up group call

“Stop whatever you’re doing with your life and go find a women’s retreat! I came back home and organised a dinner with the women in my life to share my feelings about the retreat. I felt loved, connected and supported by this amazing group of women. We shared magical moments under the full moon, in a sacred and safe space. We created power sharing our vulnerabilities. We supported each other and released fears, tensions and shame. We gave our bodies and minds what they were asking for. We connected with the stunning surroundings. My heart is full of gratitude and my mind is clear and rested. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful space, Luise and Steph. It was beautiful beyond words.

– Liv Andrade, 2018 Stillness & Sensuality retreat participant

About us

We believe in possibility. That life can be an enchanting, abundant, creative adventure if we know how to make it one – and it takes a bit of practice! Our work together is oriented towards using our collective experience with mindfulness and meditation, personal and spiritual development and embodied and creative practices to help women gain more freedom, pleasure, power and aliveness.

We host a bi-weekly online Women’s Circle and an annual Stillness & Sensuality Retreat in Spain.

Luise Jørgensen is a somatic mindfulness coach guiding women to fulfill their potential without burning out. She is passionate about holding space for deep inquiry & transformation, and as a meditation guide her voice has been described as powerful and healing. She lived five years in Thailand immersing herself in mind-body practices gaining tools that she now shares. Luise is the co-host of the Stillness & Sensuality Retreat and the Women’s Circle online. She has a degree in Anthropology, is a writer, qigong instructor, DANCEmandala facilitator, and TeamUp Coaching Facilitator.

Stephanie Lisa Kelly is a mentor and designer for conscious feminine leaders. Her writing has been described as sensuous mysticism and she is the pen behind the dailylovebomb.com project. She is the creator of the Wild&Free Retreat, the Wild&Free Workbook and the Into The Wild adventure, co-host of the Stillness & Sensuality Retreat, co-host of the 2016 Lifestyle Design Convention and facilitator at the 2016 Leaders Connect Congress. She has a degree in Psychology, is a Certified Coach, Facilitator, Flower Essence Therapist and Way of Council Practitioner.



Do you accept payment in Dollars/Pounds?2018-09-25T16:24:50+00:00

Yes! Your currency is automatically converted when you check out using either a credit card or Paypal.

How will the course be delivered?2018-09-27T21:23:08+00:00

The course begins January 15th, 2019 where we will host a live welcome call. You will get access to all the materials via an online membership site and be connected to the other participants via a private facebook group.

Will I get 1-1 support?2018-09-25T16:26:03+00:00

If you sign up for the regular course package you will not get directly 1-1 support. You will get all the teaching materials and during the group calls there are opportunities to ask questions. If you desire concentrated 1-1 support we suggest you sign up for the VIP package that includes three 1-1 sessions.

Is the course refundable?2018-09-30T19:36:04+00:00

If you cancel before 31st of December, 2018 we will refund you excluding a 20 Euro admin fee.

Once the course starts it’s non-refundable, however if something isn’t working for you we encourage you to let us know directly and we’ll do our best to help you get the most of it.

What do I need to do this course?2018-09-28T10:50:49+00:00

An email address, internet access + a computer or tablet, and headphones for the group calls. A journal and a pen to record any insights that come up. OPTIONAL: a Facebook account if you’d like to join our private Facebook group (not compulsory but definitely worth doing!).

How much time do I need to spend on the course?2018-09-28T10:51:27+00:00

The group calls are 90 minutes long and happen every second week. You will have a partner that we encourage you to have a 60 minutes weekly call with to go in depth with one of the exercises. Besides that we recommend spending about half an hour a day going through the materials.